Geometric forms are the inspiration for many of my projects. Those which most attract my attention are Squares and Circles.

Squares are perfect, essential and rational figures, symmetric relative to its axes, with identical sides and corners.

As B.Munari said, after analysing a great many geometric forms “…squares are static if they rest on one side and dynamic if they rest on a corner…”, “as a result, it is strictly dependent on man and man’s construction, on architecture, on man’s structures…”.

In my creations, squares are broken down, put together again and added to (fig. 1); squares can become golden rectangles (fig. 2). Circles, on the other hand, once again citing B.Munari, “have divine properties… they have no beginning and no end…”, “circles are essential unstable, dynamic figures: all wheels are born from the circle as are all futile searches for perpetual motion” (fig. 3).

All the forms I make in papier-mâché are created in moulds or by punching paper panels which I prepare.

This is how I have fun thinking out, designing and creating my work. Who knows how many forms there are to be discovered!