Solar_System, a wedding necklace for the Bride

Necklace in papier-mache and pvc with silver and gold elements

The necklace is inspired by the Solar System. The paper elements represent the orbits of the planets. Gold is the Sun and Emerald is Venus, the planet which par excellence governs emotional relationships, attraction and love.

The necklace is formed by a series of circles of papier-mâché covered by laces. One of the laces is white and the other one is grey with a diameter of about 32mm and 25mm respectively. Another lace made of silver elements has a diameter of about 35mm. The necklace clasp is made of hammered silver and gold with a diameter of about 55mm, which is enriched by an emerald and a hammered gold spiral with a square section diameter of about 40mm.

 3rd place classified at the “WEDDING ART JEWELS” Competition, Rossini Gallery, Milan